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My paintings are drawn with a special drawing program for children called tux paint. The painting technique is based mainly on mixing colors, a method I use a lot to draw landscape paintings. Mixing the colors is possible thanks to the special “magic” in the children’s painting tux paint program, the magic makes it possible to create paintings like paintings by professional painters who paint with oils that they mix on a palette of colors! Below you will see videos of drawings I drew in the children’s painting tux paint program https://youtu.be/ShU9TF5sFEk

Geek stories

My name is Henry  and my favorite thing is to go to school.  Everyone laughs at me and tells me I’m the nerd of the class. Roy, the strongest boy in the class, always wants to do bad things to me but somehow I manage to get out and Roi falls into his own trap. Unfortunately, I and Roy are in love with the same girl named Mia.   Chapter 1-I am in Love Chapter 2-The Basketball Competition

Family Diary

My name is Ron and I hate my family! My little brother Ben Ben always vomits, my brother Tom is a real geek and my brother Tomas is really stupid. My father is always angry and my mother makes everyone eat the awful food she cooks. Now we’re going abroad to visit Grandma Rose and everything just gets. Chapter 1- Father is back from abroad Chapter 2- I am working on it….