Diy Sign for a kids room

colourful room sign that you can make by yourself from a coloring pages that are included here and you can print. The special thing in this sign is that you can make it very colourful and the drawings are outstanding! All this with diy materials everyone has at home.

:What you need is

Printer paper




These are examples of colored coloring pages.  You can color them as you like or you can draw your own drawings.

Candy- coloring example

Rainbow coloring example

Rainbow- coloring example

Lipstick coloring example

Teddy Bear- coloring example

Hamburger- coloring example

Fries- coloring example

Ice cream- colored example

Football- colored example

Football- colored example

Doughnut colored example

These are coloring pages that you can print and paint for your enjoyment- according to the paintings below or according to your taste. There are 4 coloring pages. To print a coloring page click on it:

Instructions: how to prepare the sign

After you have finished coloring the coloring pages (you may want to paint according to the example but you can paint according to your taste) you need to cut the paintings. Once you have finished cutting the paintings, paste a Slotape ring behind each drawing according to its size. If the drawing is small, the number of rings will be small- 1,2,3 Slotape Rings.

After you’ve finished putting all the pictures on the block/ page, paste them. Pick up the paintings a bit from their edges (for being more prominent).

Warning!!! Put the drawings according to the example so you leave a place in the middle of the block / page to write your name and paste the envelope (if you have an envelope at home).

Once you have finished pasting the drawings on the block /page, write your name on page and attach an envelope (if you have one). At the end you can decorate the board with stickers (I did do it here). Inside the envelope, family members can leave you letters when you are not in your room or when the door of the room is closed.