To be a geek- Chapter 1- I am in Love

I do not understand what I’m doing wrong. Should not I wear a checked shirt? Not to tell the teacher if she is wrong with the materials? Is it forbidden to receive a 100 grade in the test? 

I know that I am a geek . Roy said to me: “How good that we know you, because when you will win the Nobel Prize we will say we were in your class.” Roy is very popular and rarely speaks to me, if so he asks me if he can copy from me during a test and that I will not tell.

It was the first day of school and I was afraid of it. Why? Because Roy and his gang always push me to the toilet in the boy’s bathroom. For the first day of school I wore a tie with a checkered shirt and glasses, and most importantly, a dental bridge. My older brother Tom told me that a bridge was popular, or maybe he foolled me. I hope  that he did not fool me, because Roi and his gang would put me in the toilet and that would be my end! My glasses will disappear inside the toilet and Mother will be angry with me. But worst of all they can get  blocked!  I would have to walk around for the whole day with a checkered shirt with a huge stain of water and everyone will know they put me in the toilet. It sounds too delicate, let’s say they stucked me inside and then they flushed the water down!

Unfortunately it happened but the new girl saved me! When Roi and his gang wanted to put me into the bathroom, the new girl turned to us and asked Roy’s group: “What are you doing to him? Look, he has blue marks from your hands.” I stopped listening to her – I fell in love with her. She had a stunning brown hair, red cheeks when she blushed and pale blue eyes . No! No! Is there a chanse that Roi also fell in love with her ??? After all, he looks at her like me and drools.  

What is your name? I asked her. “My name is Mia”, she replied. What a beautiful name! Mia! And what is your name?” Mia asked in a charming voice. My name is…. I did not have time to say my name and Roi pushed himself into a conversation. “By the way, my name is Roi and I would be happy to be your boyfriend. ” He said. “I don’t want to be your girlfriend,” Mia replied.

I was shocked. Could Mia have just said she did not want to be Roy’s girlfriend? Eight girls a day send Roi love letters and a hot, delicious cupcake with heart-shaped sugar dough. I really envy him! One moment! Could Mia not want to be his girlfriend because Mia wants to be my girlfriend? It can’t be! I was about to ask her that but Roy and his group pushed me into the trash. Because I’m a geek I did not cry and I just got out of the trash and went to my class. I did not notice that Mia was running after me and when I found out about it I was in shock. Mia that Ro’i and I are in love with her?

“Hey,” she told me. Suddenly I noticed that Roy was hiding behind the tree. When he realized that I had seen him, he ran to me. “Buddy” he called me. “I’ve been waiting for you for an hour in the classroom.” I will not fall for Roi’s dirty trick- “We are good friends.” I ignored him because he just wanted to take Mia from me. “Let’s go somewhere else,” I told her.

I smiled arrogantly at Roi. I’ve been trying to take revenge on him for years, but I did not know how. Suddenly Mia appeared out of nowhere and fell in love with me. Roi was furious, his face turned red and looked like a tomato in a supermarket. “Wait, what a revenge you’ll get,” Roi said. But I did not hear him because Me and Mia went to the lobby. My heart pounded, this girl wanted to talk to me! She ignored Roy and protected me. Maybe I’m dreaming?

Once I dreamed that a girl was falling in love with me and she wanted to be my friend. When I told the dream to my brother Tom he laughed at me. Just to be on the safe side I pinch myself. No, it’s not a dream and I really talked to a cool girl. It’s the most amazing thing that ever happened to me!

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