To be a geek- Chapter 2- The Basketball Competition

This morning I was in a great mood, because I knew Mia wanted to go on a date with me! When I arrived at the library, the librarian asked me to take a special book and give it to the principal. In addition to the special book, I took another 16 books in my library bag.

After the bell rang I went into the classroom and saw the note that had ruined my day! An invitation from Roy to a basketball game at the end of the school day. Whoever will Shoot More Hoops will be Mia’s boyfriend. Oh no! Roy is the champion of our basketball school! He will win me and Mia will be his!

I decided I would not let it happen.  This time Mia will be mine! I wrote Roi a note that I agreed  and put the note on his desk with trembling hands .